passionate nomad

Heather Hapeta (aka the passionate nomad) loves to travel, write, and take photos. This passion is reflected in her destination stories, personal essays, articles, columns, and photos. Her book Naked in Budpapest, tells of her running away from home – using an around-the-world-air-ticket, which she gave herself for her fiftieth birthday. What followed was a year travelling from Alaska to Zimbabwe, no plans, no bookings – it was so good she has done it again, and yet again.

She’s a 5th-generation Kiwi, of Scottish, Irish, Cornish, and English descent and specialises in writing about her backyard – New Zealands superb South Island. Heather has a particular interest in writing for people who wish to understand the atmosphere, culture, festivals and tastes of travel. All her pieces are about places she has actually been to.

“I feel so alive when I’m travelling” Heather says. She particularly loves South East Asia and also says, “I’m willing to take risks, and travelling alone, means I’ve discovered the world is full of wonderful people and places and things”.