don’t loose your passport close to home

Just heard a warning story that I thought well worth passing on as a reminder to you.

A friend of a friend went to Australia recently: name any other country here … especially a country that’s ‘next door’ to your own country.  On the trip to the airport she lost her wallet ( pocket book/ purse) which contained her passport along with other identifying items.

This loss resulted in an expensive side-trip to Sydney to get a replacement travel document.  This could have been avoided if she had had a photocopy of her passport – something we often do if we are travelling somewhere distant and or exotic and different to our way of thinking.

So, remember, no matter where you travel, next door or the opposite side of the world – photocopy your documents and keep them in a different place to the originals.


international garden show in my city

It’s only one week until I get a sneak, media preview of the Ellerslie  International Flower   being hosted in my city Christchurch New Zealand .

out of bare earth - beauty
out of bare earth - beauty

Follow the link – above – for more infomation and come back to this blog next week to see what I thought:  especially if you can’t get here.

Maybe you can diary it in for 2010 as this is an annual event in this, the ‘Garden City’ of New Zealand

thailand visa free


THE Thai government has agreed to exempt the fee for tourist visa applications for a three-month period from March 5 to June 4.. 

Within this temporary period, citizens of 20 countries including Chinese, Russians, Indians and Taiwanese, who are required to apply for visa at Thai embassies overseas or pay 1,000 baht (US$28) for a visa-on-arrival, will be exempted the visa fee for a stay of not exceeding 15 days. 

Only citizens of another 42 countries including the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Japan and South Korea are allowed a visa-free stay in Thailand not more than 30 days. 

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is seen as personally spearheading efforts to revive the tourism industry and boost the country’s competitive position to offset the impact of the global financial crisis.

Tourism Authority of Thailand governor, Ms Phornsiri Manoharn, said: “The support we are getting from the highest levels of the Royal Thai government is a clear indication that Thai travel and tourism is back to business with excellent deals and marketing support for our friends in the travel trade.”