all blacks captain, a fan, and a chinese rugby team

Flying to Wellington I was not surprised to find the captain of New Zealand’s rugby team the All Blacks waiting to get on the same plane: in the queue just like the rest of us – it reminded me how egalitarian we kiwi are.

I knew Richie Mc Caw would sit beside me, after all I’m in row one, surely Air New Zealand – as a sponsor of the All Blacks – would put him in the front row. But no, he sat in row 3 and I’m sad.

However, I have my camera in my hand luggage – I will try to get a  photo of him, hopefully WITH me,  when we get off,  after all,  I will be  off first so will able to catch him then.(lie in wait may be more truthful)

The first part goes well, I’m off first, and soon accost him. “can I take a photo please?” I ask, fumbling in my handbag.

He politely concedes to my request (&  how they must hate this!) and despite 3 attempts my damn camera will not work – how can I be a travel photographer and have this happen!

‘Do you have luggage?” I ask, no he doesn’t, so knowing I can’t delay him any longer, I thank him, telling him I’m writing a blog about the Rugby World Cup.

I get down to the luggage belt where my daughter is waiting for me …  after my text she was hoping to offer him a lift into the city with her and her mother, but no, of course he has a cab booked and walks straight past:  my daughter doesnt take a photo as she knows her mother will have!

Oh well next time!

Auckland’s first all Chinese club rugby team ran out onto the field last weekend for their very first game:  read more here  GOOD LUCK GUYS and ENJOY this new game in your new country.

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