is it safe to travel to thailand?

Well all I can say about that is  “I wouldn’t let the current political situation stop me from traveling the the land of SIAM”

And of course, I wrote about this same topic about a month ago when I had been in Bangkok when there had been demonstrations (read about that here) and nothing has changed my mind.

Why? In times of political dissent most people are never even aware of them, and they are rarely in tourist spots — and in Thailand tourists were not targeted – although some people where ‘stuck’ there when the airport was closed last year (see my old blog re getting out of Thailand)

free a bird and gain merits

free a bird and gain merits


So sure – make sure you are safe, read whats going on and where, and then if you are anything like me, you will still go.

If you are in Thailand now, how about adding a comment to let others know about the situation there.


visit this iconic statue in Bangkok - travel by sky train

visit this iconic statue in Bangkok - travel by sky train


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