new zealand has 51% women: our average age is 36yrs

Just found an article I’d ripped from my Listener magazine some months ago –   knew I’d get around to reading iot sometime . This wet cold day has been that ‘someday.’

For your edification and enjoyment I offer these figures compiled by Mary Jane Boland ( NZ LISTENER Jan 31st 2009)

86% of us live in a city or town

77.1% were born here

1.2 of us have no religion according to the census

77% are european/pakeha

15% Maori

1o% Asian

76% of us live in the North Island ( we South Islanders have the bigger island and less poeple !)

95 men for every 100 women

the median age for marriage for women is 28.2 /  for men it’s 30 years

21% say we thinks its more important to be happy than eat healthily

9.6% visit the gym and 22% of us eat on the run. 


great picture for a cold wet day.
great picture for a cold wet day.



So, hows that for some interesting facts and fluff

travel in the danger-zone?

           read the whole article here

Despite warnings, some travel to potential danger zones

  • Travelers go to potentially dangerous locations despite government warnings
  • Expert says travel deals sometimes follow sickness or violence
  • CDC: “Your health should come before your wallet” when it comes to travel
  • World traveler says warnings are useless; the world is worth explorin
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