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Helping you get the best seat on the plane

Whether you are flying in economy, premium economy, business or first, some seats are better than others. Seatplans.com has information on all classes of travel with accurate seat plans sourced directly from the major airlines as well as detailed information on the actual seats/beds on the plane. Helpful advice, reader reviews and independent news will all help you make the right choice for your journey:  see  seatplans.com      

 seatguru.com  – by Trip Advisor  – also says  –  “on every plane page, there is an In-Flight Amenity box. The amenity icons pictured in the box represent the services that are available on a particular plane. Click on the individual icons for more details and links to more information. If an icon is not pictured, that service is not offered on the aircraft.”   

Evidently, another great site to check airline safety records is airlinequality.com                                                                              

Of course, using a site that checks out flights for all major airlines, is always the best way to get if not the best seat on the plane, at least the best airline and seat for your next trip.

So, if you want  a window seat, long leg room, be near the toilets, or near the back or the front of a section , these sites will help you sort out the best seat for you, happy travels from the kiwitravelwriter  .

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dear shirley valentine

Well Shirley, Greece is not the only island with places in which to fall in love . . . with life.  I could have stayed longer but other places beckon and this was a nice interlude along the way.  Okay, more than nice.  Research for my writing I could call it, justify it.  But I won’t.  It was, ‘why not?’  Good for the ego too.  But Shirley, I have to tell you – different races, religions and different islands, same talk. 


No surprise really, is it.  Our stories are so similar – I didn’t leave a husband at home, but once I arrived at this island, maybe with your story in mind, our lives followed similar paths.  White sands, blue skies, charming restaurant / resort owner and voila!  Late one night, a knock on my door, ‘are you awake?’  Blah blah, lady, only talk, blah, blah, friends, blah, blah, I never did this before, blah, blah, I don’t know what’s happening to me, blah, blah. 


web seaside

 And so the story goes – you fill in the gaps, I know you know the words they say.

I just smiled and enjoyed myself knowing tomorrow or the day after or next week I’d stay ciao and carry on my journey.  Islands are seductive.  So my soul sister, I too fell in love, again, with life, on an island – A great way to start a New Year

13 bizzare things to pack .. via twitter

It got me to thinking some of the bizarre things that people pack with when they travel. So below is a list of  13 items that I have heard of people taking.


It got me to thinking some of the bizarre things that people pack with when they travel. So below is a list of  13 items that I have heard of people taking.

1/ Bacon. 

2/ Skis in the middle of a European Summer

3/ Food chopping board

4/ A packed lunch on a flight ( Not so bizarre now if you fly Ryan Air)

5/ Marmite

6/ A World Atlas

7/ A blow up world globe

8/ Dish washing equipment

9/ A battery operated fan- even though they were travelling in Ireland!

10/ A Vibrator

11/ A separate makeup bag when backpacking

12/ A Blow up Sheep

13/ A Compass- although on explanation this is very smart.

When writing this post I happened upon a site with even more bizarre high tech items at markermap that ranged from a Portable washing machine to PuchiPuchi Virtual Bubble Wrap!

check this site HERE

two new zealand travel writers win international recognition

U.S. Travel Association Honors Two International Journalists for their U.S. Destination Coverage at International Pow Wow in Miami
     21 May 09
The U.S. Travel Association named two international journalists as winners
of the Discover America Travel Writer Awards yesterday at the Media Marketplace Reception of International Pow Wow in Miami.

The awards, sponsored by CityPass, Inc., recognize outstanding work in magazine writing and online destination features in two categories: Best host city article (awarded for coverage of Las Vegas, the local of last year’s convention) and best U.S. travel destination award.

The 2009 winners both hail from the southern hemisphere region. Megan Singleton of New Zealand won for her article “In the Money,” published in the Herald on Sunday, about a woman’s preparation for a red carpet opening night in Las Vegas. Rob McFarland claimed the prize for the best U.S. travel destination article, a piece titled “Big Mac with Fear on the Side,” published in the Sun-Herald, about white-water river rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Each journalist was awarded a certificate and $1,000.00 USD by U.S. Travel Association president and CEO Roger Dow. The attending media at International Pow Wow represent more than 50 important travel markets to the U.S., plus key U.S.-based media who report on travel. The Discover America Travel Writer Awards is open to the 350+ travel journalists attending International Pow Wow.

About U.S. Travel Association:
The U.S. Travel Association is the national, non-profit organization representing all components of the $770 billion travel industry. U.S. Travel’s mission is to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the United States. For more information, visit 

About CityPass:
CityPass, a ticket booklet containing admission to America’s most iconic museums and attractions, saves time and money in 11 destinations: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California and Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit