santa fe celebrates 400 years

The Santa Fe 400th Anniversary will commemorate 400 years of culture from the establishment of the city as a “villa” in 1610 by the Spanish, through today.  Proudly that makes us the Oldest Capital City in the United States!

A number of cultures played key roles in Santa Fe’s development:  Native Americans who settled long before 1610, Hispanic, European and African Americans of diverse backgrounds. These lives and stories have created a cross-cultural tapestry of interdependence that over time has made Santa Fe one of the most diverse and rich cultural communities in the country.

The commemoration will honor all of our cultures, heritage, legacies and lasting contributions, connecting the founding past with the promise of tomorrow.

The Santa Fe 400th Anniversary Inc, is a 501C-3 non-profit corporation created to design and produce the events and activities commemorating Santa Fe, New Mexico as the oldest Capital City in the United States.

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