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This article appeals to me as a travel writer – often my biggest culture shock happens in an english-speaking country!

Culture shock is surreptitious. by Jane Lasky 

It shows up in the most unusual ways at  the most unexpected times. Sometimes you’ll be unable to sleep while other times you’ll need to sleep far too much. You may go from angry to  vulnerable in a nanosecond for no apparent reason and you may even wish  you were anywhere but where you happen to be.

But, if you hang in there, those effects will surely fade.

Consider the case of one expatriate.

Out of work and having trouble finding any in the Los Angeles area,  Heidi decided to look elsewhere. As a television executive, this  transplanted Pennsylvanian had made Hollywood a happy home for nearly a  decade. Still, in order to pursue her chosen profession, she was  willing to relocate.

That she did — about 8,000 miles away in MelbourneAustralia.

When the two-year contract came through, Heidi had to move quickly. She  was given a mere month to get there and find her bearings before  reporting to her new job.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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