travel writing tips – what not to do

Good tips to take note of: if you know what makes bad wrting you will know where youa re going wrong.

Sure, you could write a compelling story. But why, when you could just as easily write a snoozer? David Farley explains.

Despite popular belief, becoming a travel writer doesn’t always require moving to a village in Provence or restoring a villa in Italy. In fact, it doesn’t even mean you have to write good travel tales with a deep sense of place and an intriguing angle or storyline. See, you can simply write bad travel stories.

Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

● Let’s start with the intro, or, as it’s called in the biz, the lede. The lede in a bad travel article should usually open up with you, in general, and you and your husband Larry, in particular. Example: “My husband Larry and I marveled at the lush landscape surrounding the cottages at our overnight lodge, even though it was winter in the Southern Hemisphere and dry season in East Africa.” Your goal here is not to write an intriguing, attention-getting lede, but to mention Larry as soon as possible. Goal achieved! READ MORE

free walking tour in tokyo — how great!

Free Walking Tour Every Saturday!

As part of our volunteer, we offer foreign visitors a free walking tour in Tokyo. The tour started on the 28th of June 2008 and is held every Saturday. We hope that in the future we are able to offer this free walking tour every day and once we have made the necessary preparations for this to happen we will announce it on our website. All the necessary details about this free walking tour you can find on our website (see below) and with a single click you can join the tour if you are in Tokyo.
Tour details

We took some pictures in this free walking tour the other day.
When you watch some scene, you put your pointer on that above picture with a single click. It was made on Flash.

Why are we offering this free walking tour?
Firstly, since Japanese people don’t speak English very well we think that this tour could provide them with the opportunity to encounter English speaking tourists and would be able to practice it.
Secondly, the number of tourists who come and visit Japan are growing steadily and we think that some of them might find it hard to understand Japanese culture and customs as it differs very from the Western way of life. At least, we think, Westerners need some hints and knowledge about Japan when they come and visit and we would feel confident to help you with this.
The reason why we are able to offer foreign visitors a free tour guide is that the Japanese government has put into force a law which says that tour guides need a qualification to guide in Japan and we were handed this necessary permission as volunteer by the Japan National Tourism Organization under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
We would like a feedback from you about this offer and would be delighted to read your opinion and would like you to join this tour when you come to Japan.

Please email us at:

new zealands film industry

check out  NZ On Screen Aotearoa

In 2007 NZ On Air initiated the NZ On Screen project as an integral part of its digital strategy. Since 1989 NZ On Air has funded over 15,000 hours of local television production. Much of this content, as well as thousands more hours supported by broadcasters, film investors and other funding sources, is not easily accessible to the public.

NZ On Screen is unlocking the treasure chest, providing access to the wealth of television, film, music video and new media produced in NZ, along with knowledgeable background information.

NZ On Screen is fully funded; there is no commercial aspect. Links are provided to other sites or businesses where titles can be purchased or downloaded. NZ On Screen does not handle any transactions or carry advertising.

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