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Just passing  on more ‘stuff’ about travel   – flights, upgrades and guides  –

Here are just some of the great travel myths (READ MORE by PURE TRAVEL) that we have come across and please do let us know your own personal travel myths.

1. Book Early and Save Money – It’s a popular myth that the earlier you book the more money you can save. Sure there are always early booking discounts offered but if you’re not too picky about where you want to go/stay then there are some great last minute bargains to be had.

2. All Airlines Are Created Equally – When booking a flight do weigh up all the options, especially for extra charges for meals and baggage etc. Check what the airlines policy is and what’s included and compare airline facilities that may concern you, ie seat pitch, entertainment etc .

3. Weekday Flights Are Cheaper – Flying midweek at a ridiculous time is not necessarily the cheapest option. Do shop around as very often the more convenient weekend flights are available and often for either the same price or slightly more.

4. Hotel Ratings Are A Good Guide – Hotel ratings and comments can be hit and miss, so make sure you do some other research; ask friends and colleagues and ask your local tour operator who should be impartial.

5. Honeymooning Upgrades – Many hotels and travel agents sell ‘special’ packages if you’re booking a special holiday, ie a honeymoon, birthday, wedding etc. Check what you will actually get for your money as the special package may amount to nothing more than a bottle of sparkling wine and some dried-up sponge cake! You could always tell your airline and hotel after you have booked and try for some complimentary upgrades.

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