maori language: an official language in New Zealand

It’s the annual Maori Language week … time to improve your skills

Learn to pronounce Maori – one of New Zealands  official languages :

Vowels – Introduction
(There are 5 vowels in Māori. ā,ē,ī,ō,ū)
a, papa
(a – [short vowel], papa – earth)
ā, pāpā
(ā – [long vowel], pāpā – father)
e, kete
(e [short vowel], kete – kit)
ē, pēke
(ē [long vowel], bag)
i, mihi
(i – [short vowel], mihi – greeting)
ī, tītī
(ī – [long vowel], tītī – mutton bird)
o, oma
(o – [short vowel], oma – run)
ō, tō
(ō – [long vowel], tō – your)
u, huruhuru
(u – [short vowel], huruhuru – hair)
ū, tūrū
(ū – [long vowel], tūrū – chair)

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