catch a ferry service from Auckland

Ferry to Coromandel – the naked way

Bus Promo now has a ferry service that takes you from Auckland to Coromandel in two hours.

Winter Timetable:
Tuesday & Sunday

  • Leaves Auckland at 9am
  • Leaves Coromandel at 4.30pm


  • Leaves Auckland at 6pm
  • Leaves Coromandel at 8pm

The nakedbus ferry links Auckland and Coromandel (in both directions) on Tuesday, Fridays and Sundays. More days will be added as the weather gets warmer.

Our times are perfect for a weekend away or just a day trip. Just imagine the relaxing feeling as you the ocean breeze wafts over you as you cruise away from the hustle and bustle life of Auckland. A perfect weekend escape in the midst of winter (oh, and if you live in the Coromandel Peninsula, this could be a great way to get to Auckland).

So go for the day, go for the weekend or take a longer winter break, with

As always the first ticket goes at $1*. No, it is not a typo: ferry to the Coromandel from $1*. Book Now for your Coromandel winter escape.

How do our $1* fares work?

By now, all of you should know that our fares start at $1*. But how do you get a $1 fare?

We guarantee that at least the first seat on every bus is $1* – so as soon as we release seats for a particular date (usually 3-6 months before departure) the price will start at $1*. As soon as the $1* seat or seats have gone, the price moves up to the next bracket. Then, when THOSE seats have sold out, the price moves up to the next bracket.

So, to get the cheapest prices, it pays to book as early as possible.

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