Day: September 10, 2009

2011 rugby world cup event in New Zealand

NZ begins RWC 2011 countdown (see also The Girls Guide to Rugby)

Dateline 09-09-09 was celebrated with particular significance in New Zealand today, marking exactly two years out from the opening game of the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Public celebrations hinted at what rugby fans and supporters can expect in the host regions, and offered a taste of the spin New Zealand will put on the major event.

With more than 60,000 international visitors expected for RWC 2011, plans for accommodation, major building work and business development are well underway.

Rugby New Zealand 2011 says tickets will go on sale in early 2010, and fans will be able to buy discounted ticket packages for specific venues or teams.

The tournament will be the biggest event ever held in New Zealand, and is expected to inject NZ$476m into the New Zealand economy. Continue reading “2011 rugby world cup event in New Zealand”