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native clematis
Native Clematis flowers in the Seaward Kaikaora mountian ranges

I took this photo when hiking NZ’s highest guided walk – Kaikoura Wilderness Walks, Shearwater Lodge. Nov: 2009 I will be bloging about it soon


I have to let you know about another great NZ film by one of my local NZ Society of Authors branch members. ( I am the local chairperson so get bragging rights)

Kathleen Gallagher’s latest film Earth Whisperers/Papatuanuku was shot at spectacular locations around New Zealand by acclaimed cameramen Alun Bollinger and Mike Single. This absorbing feature documentary focuses on 10 visionary New Zealanders out to prove that a shift in consciousness can heal our environment. You’ll be inspired, and never look at stinging nettle in your garden in quite the same way again!

In the words of Nick Smith – NZ Minister for Environment and Climate Change:

‘This inspirational film weaves together NZ”s stunning landscapes, eclectic characters and unique

sounds in a poetic message of protection for Planet Earth .’

This is a movie that doesn’t just rock the boat — it rocks the world!

Check out the link above to see a trailer of the movie and hear Kathleen too.

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