Travel tips: Are you fearful? Where is the most dangerous place?

The Internet is full of ‘travel tips‘:  unfortunately, many  are from paranoid people who seem to think everybody is out to get them, swindle them, and even capture them so they can rape and murder them – or sell them into slavery. And, the travel tips for women are the worst of the lot!

An aside — when you come to New Zealand, if I , or any one else, offers to help as you read a map                                       or look lost on a street corner …  GUESS WHAT? We just want to be helpful. I don’t have a cousin                                    with a shop, a brother with great accommodation, or a best friend with a fabulous food shop!

But back to all those ‘bad people” lurking around ready to spike your drink or steal your bag: well, yes, there is an occasional, very occasional person like that but they are more than likely in your own backyard than while you are travelling. But please be aware that 99.9999999999999999999999999%   (my unscientific guess-timate) of the world are great people.

For me the kindness of strangers and  how wonderful most people I’ve been in contact with are, are the hallmarks of travel. Many of my best memories are of people whose name I didn’t know, whose language I didn’t speak , but who made my world a better place for having met them.

I’ve even made a few lifelong friendships that have developed, and now, when travelling, l know I have  nothing to fear but fear itself.

I recently read a blog about the most dangerous place in the world …  it’s is in your mind …  and I totally agree with the writer  (read the piece here)

And: Lonely Planets new edition of ‘Best Ever Travel Tips’ comes out February 2010 – I will be tweeting a few of their tips – as you can see I’ve put the cute little, very carry-able and ideal gift, in my suitcase!

getting a few basics together

And of course, you can add your own tips in the comments below

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One thought on “Travel tips: Are you fearful? Where is the most dangerous place?”

  1. hey Heather, i agreed with you that the most dangerous place is in our mind…

    because, sometimes we bump into bad people and we will start thinking that everyone will be the same thus not appreciating some genuine help but indeed feel like they are doing it with some reasons behind…

    wonder when everyone can behave and do bad things to others…


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