New Zealand has a ‘spokesbird’ on twitter and facebook

Sirocco appointed ‘spokesbird’ for conservation

29 Jan 2010

New Zealand’s celebrity parrot, Sirocco the kākāpō, has been officially appointed as the world’s first “spokesbird for conservation”.

Sirocco shot to fame last year after his inappropriate actions during the BBC’s Last Chance to See series, and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says the notorious and rare bird will be a perfect conservation ambassador.

Sirocco – now 13-years-old – is one of just 124 kākāpō left in the world. The flightless species is endemic to New Zealand.

Mr Key formally named Sirocco as official spokesbird during the launch of New Zealand’s involvement in the International Year of Biodiversity, and in recognition of the famous kākāpō’s own celebrity status.

Sirocco’s task will be to highlight New Zealand’s endemic wildlife experiences and conservation work.

‘Last Chance to See’
The kākāpō’s appearance with British media personality Stephen Fry on Last Chance to See featured an incident where Sirocco made an unusual mating attempt with presenter Mark Carwadine. Continue reading New Zealand has a ‘spokesbird’ on twitter and facebook