Day: February 1, 2010

Cycling in Christchurch New Zealand? Use the buses too!

Cycle trip on Phuket. Thailand

thanks for this information by Spokes

All buses on “bikes on buses” routes should now be fitted with racks.  You can find information about all the routes or  Contact METRO at 366 8855 or metroinfo [at] ecan [dot] govt [dot] nz if you need information about the routes.

The bike racks are convenient and easy to use, and its free to take your bike on them.  The main way to encourage their use (and build support for cycling and for adding racks to other routes) will be through people seeing bikes being transported and thinking “I could use that”.  So, locals, give them them a go – remember when you are using them, you are also advertising them!

did you know the bike was invented in Scotland?

If you live on or near a route that goes your way, try using them for all or part of your trip, or on the way back home. Remember also that for routes travelling along Colombo Street and not entering the Exchange (Nos. *11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 28, 77, 90*) you can leave your bike on the bus through the centre of town, and load or unload your bike at the Colombo St Exchange stops. This means that people travelling to and from Lyttelton (for example) can now catch or get off the 28 in the centre of town, rather than one stop before and after.

Bikes on buses are also great “range extenders”.  You can travel by several different routes (e.g. Nos. *11, 14, 15, 18, 21*) all the way from the NW and West up onto the Port Hills – a great option if you don’t want to cycle all the way across town. Continue reading “Cycling in Christchurch New Zealand? Use the buses too!”