food and travel – I love food that tells me where I am & the season

I love food that tells me where I am & what season it is … in fact I’ve been known to acknowledge I eat too much and that I even put weight on in India which is not everyone’s experience.  When traveling I eschew the international chain stores – getting to know a country requires us to know their food – an integral part of any culture.

This blog is mainly photos – pics I found while looking for some that have gone ‘missing’. I haven’t found them, but thought you may like to see pics of various meals I’ve eaten. And for proof of me loving food, here a pic of me off to Paris for lunch! Going to any length one could almost say!

The trip on the Euro-Star for lunch in Paris was a surprise sprung on me by my daughter – I thought I was off to a bar to watch the All Blacks beat South Africa at rugby football!

Assam Pedas .. one of my fav' breakfasts

Fabulous local breakfast in India
Moon cake ... Johor, Malaysia
thai sweets

I love durian!

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