Maori song number one in New Zealand yet again

‘Poi E’ is the only kiwi song to make it into the NZ Top 40 in 3 separate decades – it now looks like it will hit number one yet again – after 38 years!

Written by linguist Ngoi Pewhairangi with music by Dalvanius Prime, the song was a way to teach young Maori to be proud of being Maori – in a format that young people were comfortable with.

Annual festival each 6th February in Patea - Waitangi Day

When record companies weren’t interested in the song Prime formed his own label, Maui Records and recorded ‘Poi E’ in late 1983. The Patea Maori Club provided the vocals above a funky rhythm that featured bass, Linn drums and a synthesiser.

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And see these video clips from the film that has created the chart topper in 2010 … Boy.

Videos for film Boy NZ

Boy New Official Trailer
2 min 19 sec – 9 Feb 2010

Learn the words here

E rere ra e taku poi porotiti
Titahataha ra, whakararuraru e
Porotakataka ra, poro hurihuri mai
Rite tonu ki te tiwaiwaka e
Ka parepare ra, pioioi a
Whakahekeheke, e kia korikori e
Piki whakarunga ra, ma muinga mai a
Taku poi porotiti, taku poi e
Poi E, whakatata mai
Poi E, kaua he rereke
Poi E, kia piri mai ki au
Poi E, e awhi mai ra
Poi E, tapekatia mai.
Poi E, o taua aroha
Poi E, paiheretia ra.
Poi … taku poi e.

Swing out rhythmically, my feelings
lean out beside me, so deceptively.
Swing round and down, spin towards me
just like a fantail.
Swing to the side: swing to and fro
zoom down, wriggle,
climb up above, swarm around me
my whirling emotions, my poi, Yeah.
Oh my feelings, draw near,
Oh my poi, don’t go astray
Oh my affections, stick to me
Oh my instincts, take care of me
Oh my emotions, be entwined around me.
Oh poi, our love…
Oh poi …binds.
Poi…. my poi, yeah.


Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

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