My 4-kilogram(9lb)bucket list – your travel dream list

This second edition of Lonely Planets photographic journey through every country in the world has 100% new content and has to be my ultimate bucket list – a list that’s measured by weight, not numbers!

This will be my coffee-table reference book  so I can dream over and sort out  my travel plans – until the next edition of course! Well done Lonely Planet.

The Travel Book devotes  a double-page spread for  every country in the world by:

  • Taking a glimpse into each destination from a traveller’s perspective
  • evoking the spirit of the place
  • showing  817 stunning images
  • describing what you might see and feel, eat and drink
  • giving  books, music or films to help prepare you for the experience
  • detailing events, objects, and people: all central to the country
  • and presents  curious, little known facts

NOTE: The first edition of this full-colour, photographic journey through every country in the world was published in 2004 and sold more than half-a-million copies globally. See here where you too can buy your copy for your own personal bucket list.


  1. […] While I haven’t been to China, I have seen the ‘castles in Spain’ and been ‘to Siam’ (Kingdom of Thailand) as mentioned in the lyrics sung by the popular, WW2 UK singer, Vera Lynn . (Lyrics below) I’ve also been to many other places around the world some with ‘strange sounding names’ – and if I haven’t been somewhere, you can guarantee it’s on my bucket list! […]


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