Christchurch earthquake aftershock 6.1

Christchurch Cathedral before the quake damage

I shifted from Christchurch, New Zealand, two months after the September 4th 2010 7.1 quake – not because of the quake – and yet today, watching TV in another city, I can smell the quake dust again – such is the power of memory.

This quake feels worse even though I’m not there why? Because I feel so helpless, cannot help anyone, cannot phone friends, thanks goodness for Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with some friends. And thanks to Radio NZ National, and TV3 and TV1 for their coverage.

To date 65-people are confirmed dead, only a few hours after the aftershock.  My thoughts and love are sent to their friends and family — and for those who are still trapped.  I haven’t found out about my mother yet – in Parkwood Hospital.


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  1. I completely understand your comment about feeling worse because you aren’t there. I live in Brisbane but am a born & bred Cantab and happened to be home in Sept when the quake hit and I can attest to the fact that I feel worse now than I did then. You do feel helpless and even tho you can’t do anything when you are there I think you feel more in control because you can see what is going on and how affected things really are.

    Hope all your Chch readers are safe xx


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