sad photo after earthquake

A shag dries its wings
Some may find it strange that this is one of my saddest photos after the Christchurch earthquake ( the February 22nd 2011  aftershock which did more damage than the original sept one – see more quake Shag Rock information here).
It’s sad for 2 reasons. 1) Shag Rock  has been a background to my life and it’s always sad to lose connections. 2)And,  while I’m also really sad to lose much-loved buildings, we can rebuild them (albeit differently) we can’t  reproduce nature.
I heard it called being called shag stump: although that sounds disparaging it’s at least a nod to its past, and part of the black humour that’s happening in my quake-shaken city – but there will be less shags landing there!
post-quake Shag Rock, Sumner, Christchurch
Pre quake Shag Rock

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