Shearwater Lodge named in “top ten eco-lodges”

Shearwater Lodge, Kaikoura, New Zealand, has been  named in a UK magazine (Australia & New Zealand) as one of two New Zealand “top ten eco-lodges” in their Jan/Feb 2011 issue.  (Stonefly Lodge, Nelson, also in NZ’s South Island is the other one but I havent been there so can’t comment on it.)

I went hiking to the classy lodge a while ago and can, like the Australia & and Zealand magazine, well recommend it.

This area is home to the endangered Hutton’s Shearwaters which burrow below the peak of Te Ao Wheke, (The World of the Gods) the second highest mountain peak in the area. The birds only fly home at night and leave first thing each morning, spending their days at sea feeding on small fish and krill. (see more about my hike here)

Congratulations for the accolade!

YAY - down one more valley then up to Shearwater Lodge
Shearwater Lodge is now in our sight

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