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Quake photos: history gone, and CTV rubble cleared (11th May 2011)

CTV building rubble removed as police cycle by

The traditional 'blue' of St Paul's Presbyterian church light standards. These stood at the front steps

the foundation stone of my old church

Diagonally opposite St Paul's, the CTV building rubble is removed as police cycle by

Ironic sign as the CTV building is cleared

My chemist shop & post office (1 min from my apartment) are gone. (Strategy Building)

These photos were taken¬†during another one-day trip into the city¬†– from my new home in Wellington. Sad to see more of my, and the city’s history disappearing. Read another post here and see earlier photos

let – funny – sleeping dogs lie

Another from the funny sleeping dogs file, and, I’m sure there must be such a file somewhere!

Let me introduce you to 'Jones' - who is sound asleep!


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