Rare visitor to New Zealand … from Antarctica.

“Happy Feet”  a juvenile emperor penguin, arrived on the Kapati Coast – just north of Wellington, New Zealand  – a few days ago and seems in no hurry to leave .

About 1 metre tall, he’s a rare visitor, apparently only the second one ever recorded in New Zealand.

I took these photos on Peka Peka beach this morning.

You admire me ... I'll ignore you~

Tourism Industry Update — where do travel writers fit in?

Tourism Industry Update — where do travel writers fit in?

This is the subject of the talk in Wellington by Ann-Marie Johnson, PR with the Tourism Industry Assocation. Ann-Marie, longtime member of the Travel Communicators’ Association, was a major organiser of the mammoth Tourism Rendezvous New Zealand (TRENZ) event in Queenstown in late May. TRENZ brings together around 270 New Zealand tourism operators and a similar number of international travel and tourism buyers so it is an incredible organisational challenge. Ann-Marie will suggest how tourism and writers can help each other.

Time: 6pm on Monday, 27 June.

Place: Museum Hotel, 90 Cable Street (near Te Papa). Street parking available.

Meeting place: The bar on the third floor of the hotel for socialising and drinks/nibbles. Presentation starts in Agostini Room (4th floor) about 6.30pm.

Cost: Travcom members $10; non-members $15.

Register with and send cheque to: Helen Davies, Travcom administrator, at 2B Pukehana Avenue, Epsom, Auckland 1023. Ph: 09 624 5707 or email: helen.davies@clear.net.nz if you’d like to use internet banking or have any queries. Register by Thursday 23 June.
The event has been organised by the Wellington branch of the Travel Communicators’ Association.

Further info: Sarah Bennett (sarah@bennettandslater.co.nz); Judith Doyle (judith.doyle@clear.net.nz) and Heather Hapeta (heatherhapeta@orcon.net.nz)

Volcanic Ash disrupts flights … Wellington Airport offers advice

Wellington Airport impressed me when I was there on the weekend: they had fliers with helpful information (communication, airlines, accommodation, alternative transport etc.)  for passengers  who had been affected by the ash from the South American volcanic eruption. Well done for the prompt response – of course your first port of call needs to be your airline!

She Chocolate – just over the hill in Christchurch

She Chocolate, just over the Port Hills in Christchurch New Zealand, classes, daily meditation and a restaurant – check out their website

nothing to say really ... this says it all!

Pitcairn Island: so hard to get to it must be the ultimate must-visit!

Pitcairn Island is so hard to get to it must be the ultimate, ‘top this’, must-visit!

After all, how many can say they have been to the ‘hardest island in the world to get to” – I can”t!

I went to the British High Commission on Friday night for an introduction to the islands. Seems it takes a flight to Tahiti, then a flight to Mangareva ( 300 miles SE of Pitcairn) and then a  2 or three days by boat to get to your destination – its seems the journey would be as exciting as the destination.

Pitcairn has recently had a couple of weddings – perhaps this will be the new ‘hot’ destination!

With such a  tiny population much be hard to be support themselves and  tapa cloth, wall hangings, wooden carvings, jewelery and even honey, and music CDs were on sale at the beautiful High Commission in Karori, Wellington.

For more information contact Heather Menzies ( the new Pitcairn Island Tourism Coordinator) or sign-up for their Tourism Quarterly on tourism@pitcairn.pn