top travel tips for visitors to New Zealand

My top travellers tips for visitors to New Zealand are very simple: all the usual safety travel tips apply here as elsewhere in the world. my tips are more prosaic, more ordinary, and New Zealand centred.

  • Firstly we’re a long skinny country at the bottom of the world,  surrounded by a huge ocean – that means the weather can AND WILL change often. Carry rain gear, and warm clothes, with you except mid summer. You have been warned!
  • Many of our traffic lights for pedestrians NO NOT activate unless you push the button .. a hint.. if the red man is glowing you don’t need to push it .. it has been activated by someone else or is automatic.
  • If someone stops to offer help if you look lost, or confused, we are not selling something, we really do want to offer help or information – FREE – no hidden agendas!
  • It will take longer than you think to get from A to B on our roads … we have very few motorways.  Remember we only have a population of 4 and half million in a land similar in size to the UK or Japan

More tips will follow – but in the meantime here are three of our national treasures.

Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

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