“the lonely planet book was fantastic’ says my co-reviewer

Not-for-Parents – Lonely Planet’s first series of books for kids

Designed to inspire young ones who are curious about exploring the world, the Not-for-Parents series launched this month with books devoted to four of the world’s most exciting cities – London, New York, Paris and Rome – along with the greatest world guide for kids, Not-for-Parents: The Travel Book – which although not a kid in age, I still found interesting details about many places and a great companion book for alongside my ultimate bucket list book, Lonely Planets THE TRAVEL BOOK: a journey through every country in the world

Not-for-Parents London, New York, Paris and Rome reveal intriguing stories and fascinating facts about the people, places, histories and cultures of these dynamic destinations, illustrated with a quirky blend of photos, drawings, cartoons and graphics.

Here’s a taste of what kids will discover in the Not-for-Parents Paris:

  • Where can you pretend you’re at the beach in the middle of the city?
  • Who smiles at 6 million people a year?
  • Who had her own life-size village built just to play in?
  • Which famous building was built inside out?

This is what my young co-reviewer, Mimi said about it:

” Dear Heather,

the lonely planet book was fantastic i love paris and it was a thing that really interested me . The other thing i learnt what i did not know before was about all the dogs in paris that really cracked me up and if i got to sell the book it would  such be a first pick to suggest because it is so interesting and fact full for kids my age . Thank you Heather and lonely planet for sending such a good book out for me and others . and i really hope to go to paris in france one day it is such a dream and i certainly will come true and i will cross my fingers

yours sincerely , Mimi Rose Lelievere.”

Thanks for your help with this Mimi.

The Travel Book, Not-for-Parents edition, includes essential information (capital city, flag, lingo) about every country in the world, along with the epic events, hideous histories, food and wildlife that make each destination unique.

Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director Piers Pickard said, “Not-for-Parents will open up the world to kids. We’ve honed in on the gems of information that young readers are particularly curious about, and created a series which reveals the world’s most fascinating places as viewed through a kid’s eyes.”

More reviews ‘through a kids eyes’ will follow so bookmark this page and come back soon!

Not-for-Parents London, New York, Paris and Rome & Not-for-Parents The Travel Book  are available here and in all  great book shops.

See here for Lonely Planets tips for travelling with children.

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  1. This is great news! Had no idea LP was launching their own guidebooks aimed at junior vagabonds. Thanks for sharing, I shall definitely look into them and get my hands on one for our next city break.



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