Day: December 22, 2011

An new blog for “popupcity” in post quake Christchurch

An new blog for “popupcity” in post quake Christchurch

A new blog has been set up to chart Christchurch’s recovery and provide visitors to the city with up-to-date information on what is going on and what’s popped up at ( NOTE:  I was sent this news and I’m passing it on unaltered.)

“T he city is changing very rapidly and it seems every week a new restaurant, café, bar or shop pops up somewhere,” says Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism chief executive Tim Hunter. “We want to keep people informed of these developments so that they can make the most of their stay here and also see how the city is bouncing back.”

The blog will be constantly updated to provide information on everything from where the best places are to go after dark to where you can find boutique shopping and farmers markets. It also has information about activities people can do while they are visiting.

“It is important to us that people keep visiting the city – it’s still alive and it’s still beautiful – but we need to give them good reasons to come and to make it as easy as possible for them once they’re here. With this blog we hope to capture the dynamic face of Christchurch and show people how much we still have to offer,” Mr Hunter says.

Locals and visitors are also being encouraged to check-out the blog and to leave comments about things that are going on in the city.

“We’ll pull together as much information as we can about what’s happening as we embark on this exciting journey to recovery, but we’re also want to tap into the local community and get them to share their insiders’ knowledge about the best places to go and what changes have taken place,” Mr Hunter says.

Happy Holidays & Christmas to all my readers

PC244573.pohutukawaSending a bunch of pohutukawa flowers to you, my loyal readers who have signed up for emails when I write a new piece

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This is our kiwi Christmas tree, and when it flowers, it’s a signal that summer has arrived!

Next year you can expect many blogs on, not only Christchurch and Wellington, but also Northland (where I will be spending a  couple of weeks in February – think sun, fun, dolphins, parasailing, cruising, snorkelling, night adventures, stars, waka, food, history, NZ’s national day, gum-diggers – the list going on and on: I know you will love getting my stories, just as I will love researching them.  (The lengths I go to is amazing huh!) The rental car company I’m using is Rental Cars New Zealand.

Later in the year more stories from India,  then Borneo for my first time and hopefully Turkey if the tour I’m taking in May goes ahead (see here).

I hope your year will be great too.  All the very best for a wonderful 2012,


Heather Hapeta