Where is this statue?

Where is this statue? Post your answers in the comments below. I will post the place and details next Friday 13th January 2012.

Where am I?

 Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand: this was given to New Zealand in 2004 to comemorate the visit

to NZ by the President of Chile

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5 thoughts on “Where is this statue?”

  1. Will have to visit it next time I’m in Wellington. Never enough time to do all I want when I’m in town. So much to see and do.


      1. Ok, drum-roll please: the winner to putting this statue in it’s correct place is Catherine Kilgour, the other correct answer came from Renee Campbell-Scott.

        I was very suprised to come across this peice of art in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. I thought I had somehow arrived in the easter Islands!


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