Dargaville: the south of the north has lots to see

My last day of my travels in Northland . . . only two things left to do: check out the Pad Thai restaurant, and go to Matakohe for the famous Kauri Museum tomorrow.

Today I had a pen made for me out of beautiful kauri, visited a paper maker, met Ernie and his kumara (great)  and tonight I’m staying at the fabulous old Commercial Hotel B&B which was built by, or for, John Logan Campbell.

As it’s the end the journey, my energy level is low so tonight its links for you to check out and more photos than usual to make up for the lack of words! Smile But stories will follow I promise

The Woodturners Kauri Gallery & Studio

The Kumara Box

Zizania Paper Products

The Commercial Hotel


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2 thoughts on “Dargaville: the south of the north has lots to see”

  1. Thanks for all the posts, look forward to the rewrites in publication. Enjoy the Pad Thai on the final night! Glad you had a great trip, shame we won’t see each other tomorrow but you can now relax on the trip home. I’ll be 30 seconds of the motorway at a school sports day, will text you the info. Saturday I’m of to Secret Thai Garden, one of the most authentic Thai restaurants this side of Krung Thep. Wonder what their Pad Thai will be like?! By the way, when you put your photos on the web, you are UPloading, not downloading lol 😛


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