Last Northland post–what a great road trip around the top of New Zealand!

As I sit at Auckland Airport my head is racing with all I have to do over the next couple of days (my urgent list) and then over the next month or six weeks, my semi-urgent list.

First on the urgent list is to go back and correct all the spelling mistakes, and links that are not working in the last fifteen or so  ‘on-the-road’ blogs: I have been using Windows Live Writer which then sends my blog as an email to WordPress– the only problem is that when I made a mistake and pushed the publish button without checking spelling – I couldn’t work out how to go back and correct them! So that’s the first task. the other problem – a new smaller laptop which has a super-sensitive touchpad which meant I would accidently grab/highlight random phrases and unknowingly dropped them elsewhere in the blog where it made no sense at all –I’m sorry for all you super-sensitive and great spellers for having to endure it all!

Next on the urgent list is to upload nearly 5000 photos and start sorting them;

Then, sort my emails that have kept flowing into my inbox,

In between those jobs, a I will catch up on sleep and  write to all the people who have been so hospitable to me  – if you visit any of the Northland places I have mentioned, please make sure you tell them you read about it on something the Kiwi Travel Writer wrote Smile .

Last but not least, my final destination was The Kauri Museum:  every one  I met ‘up North’ who had been there said it was a must do – that’s true, go there, now! I can’t upload my photos now, but will write about it very soon.

. . . and now to board the flight …

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