Say goodbye to the Huttons Shearwaters in Kaikoura (they’re off to Aussie for a while!)

Looking up to the endangered shearwater colony high in the mountainsThe Hutton’s Shearwater Charitable Trust are celebrating the Translocation of 102 Shearwater Chicks from the Kowhai Colony to the Peninsular Colony last week. This is extremely exciting for us as Trust and will greatly increase the long-term viability of the peninsular site. This is outstanding in both scientific terms and for Kaikoura as a community as ‘Kaikoura is their last place on Earth’ Nicky McArthur (Shearwater Lodge) invited me to the annual Farewell to the Hutton’s next weekend – daylight saving change weekend – Sunday 1st April 2012. (Note: the farewell and welcome are always on the change of daylight saving weekends) I can’t go but maybe you can!

Huttons Shearwater - thanks to Denis Buurman for this fabulous photo

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  1. Wow! Great photo so just checked out Denis Buurman’s website. What an amazing photographer! It’s incredible these birds fly so far every year.


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