Day: August 7, 2012

Post travel distress disorder and jet lag. How do you cope with it?

Once again I’m suffering from post travel distress disorder! (see an earlier post on the topic) It seems to be a common theme for me over the years of travel and travel-writing – albeit a high-class problem!

Most friends complain of jet-lag: for me it seems I have an emotional and work lag and find it hard to ‘get cracking’ or even motivated to get going with all the work I have planned.

Not being able to write and being over weight makes me feel like this fellow in Bratislava!

This week may be a turning point as, with along with shedding some of the weight I acquired during my trip on the long-boat Njord, I have started to return to my usual routine and last night I again went out as a volunteer dog-walker for the SPCA with puppies from the Wellington shelter. (Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

I have also written a small blog about a swan tapping on my window while on the Main River and now this one … so slowly a writing routine is starting – and long may it continue. I have even posted an update on Facebook – and Twitter will soon follow!

A swan comes calling!

A first in my life: a swan come calling as I put my feet up after lunch on board Viking’s longboat Njord in Wurzburg, Germany.

We all had visited the wonderful Bishops’ Residenz  (a most amazing baroque palace and UNESCO World Heritage Site – blog to follow) and I was having some quiet time before heading out again on my own.

As I lay on my bed I heard knocking on my window – getting up to investigate, I saw a swans head biting the glass. Tiredness immediately over, I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs and off the boat to capture this photo. Seems he objected to his refection – another male in the area – when he was guarding his mate and their 3 cygnets.


swan IMG_3822