Street portrait competition with Meetup – Wellington NZ

While finding it hard to get over my travel, and suffering from camera envy, and start my real work again,  I spent a couple of hours in a photo event in Wellington – we had to produce two  street portrait photos in two hours: these are the two pictures I entered from my ‘hood’ – Cuba Street, Wellington . Which do you prefer and why? (We haven’t had the result of the comp’ yet – prize is the title of ‘awesomeness’ )

The colours of Cuba St




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4 thoughts on “Street portrait competition with Meetup – Wellington NZ”

  1. I like colours in Cuba Street. It looks like somewhere foreign and exotic, I like the different flags to the side which again suggest places elsewhere – certainly not rainy cold Wellington


  2. I like the second one best. The first the person has their head turned just to much for it to feel right. I was wondering if the bike was too close to the bottom on the second. Trying to visualise it up a bit, then on the other hand the bike really feels like it is coming out of the picture at you. You would possibly loose that effect if there was a gap between the tyre and the edge of the image. So second one is my favourite of these two.


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