I want to win a trip to Europe from Nomadic Matt!

Why would I want to win a trip to Europe, a twelve-day trip to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna?  Well, the last time I was in Europe I was camp mother to five people and spent my time ensuring they got on the right bus, boat or train, and shepherded them down, and up, subway stairs – all on someone else’s agenda – great fun but not quite the same as on agenda and time frame.

What I really wanted to do was take photos, drink coffee, talk to street people and not worry that someone was not keeping up with the guide – acting like a kiwi sheep-dog, rounding up the wayward sheep – without barking too loudly.  I was a successful little dog and all the sheep were duly delivered home to their children and grandchildren. Yes, I was camp mother to a group of silver-haired travellers.

Now I’m not on Betty White’s Off Their Rocker cast – but should I win, I’d likely be one of the oldest in the youth hostels in those cities. While Betty and her team are ‘off their rockers’ and love ‘messing with people’s minds’, I don’t have a rocker to get off, and before I’m cerebrally ‘off my rocker’, I’d like to get into people’s minds. And I’d like to do it naked!

Most of all I want to get naked in Budapest – again.  In fact I want to get naked in Prague and Vienna too. And, while naked, in local spa’s  I’d get into locals and travellers minds, find out what they think is the best part of town – what I should not miss, find out more than guidebooks can tell me – then follow-up on their suggestions and blog about them. (In deference to locals and visitors, I would get dressed for those excursions!)

So that’s why I would love to win a trip from Nomadic Matt – to have a chance to see Europe on my own – even though I would have to give up a kiwi summer to do so.

Do you think I would be a good candidate for him to choose? If so please pass this blog on:  Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc. (and sign up to read my naked tales)