Skyfall and the Lighthouse Cuba

Today is the day Bond arrives back in New Zealand and Judi Dench is of course a fabulous M in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall … the first Bond movie I think I have seen!

I watched it at a preview during the opening of the best little art-house theatre in the best little capital city in the world – the Lighthouse Cuba – a great  theatre in my fabulous funky Cuba Quarter.  (Go check out the theatre … talk about comfort plus!)

Some of the scenes are so OTT that I was laughing out loud.  However, it’s certainly fast-paced, had a storyline and was way better than I anticipated. Istanbul features with motorbikes charging through the Grand Bazaar and the old quarter of the city – making me ask  why haven’t I been back to one of the best countries to travel in  … I must move it up my bucket list!

Fast paced, it all happens so quickly in the movie is hard to note it’s the Yeni Cami, ( New Mosque) one of the world’s important mosques that features in the film – it is the one beside the Galata Bridge, and of course  the Ciragan Palace. But see that’s why I’m a travel writer not a movie critic.

All the Bond fans there agreed it was a great movie and it gave Bond a back story which it seems he’d not had before. As I don’t know the other Bonds, I can’t comment on how good, or otherwise, Daniel Craig was … the director must think he was good as he’s been signed up for the next two movies.

Let me know what you think of the movie, the Lighthouse Cuba, and the Turkish backdrop. It also has an amazing Japanese island, and fabulous Scottish scenery.