Word-wide musical talent in the rainforest!

More of the talent that will be at the Rainforest Word Music Festival (#rwmf) that I’ll be at in Kuching, Sarawak soon … I’m staying at Damai Beach Resort.

Do you know any of these groups? Follow me for find out more and, see my other blogs about and for links to many of the other performers who will be in Malaysia for this big music festival.

Alp Bora www.alpbora.net

Moshen Sarifian and Lian https://www.facebook.com/mohsensharifianofficialpage (Persian)

Habadekuk www.habadekuk.dk

Dizu Plaatjies & the Ibuyambo http://www.myspace.com/dizuplaatjiesibuyambo#!

Madeeh http://rwmf.net/performer/madeeh/

Spiritual Seasons http://rwmf.net/performer/spiritual-seasons/

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