Why no posts kiwitravelwriter?

Sorry I’ve not been posting for last month. I fractured my right wrist nearly 4 weeks ago (right is my dominant arm) so finding one finger left hand writing difficult and slow. 

Also finding it hard to take photos which is a pain as I’m travelling in Oman and UAE right now. Still have few and will post after the cast is off on 10th November!  Unfortunately they just are not as good as I expect of myself!

In the meantime go back and check some old posts and pictures you haven’t seen … I’ve published some 1200 posts as I recall.


Leaving New Zealand with my silver fern on my cast – supporting our big love … the ALL BLACKS rugby team which we love win or loose. (All our sports team wear the silver fern – a native tree fern)

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4 thoughts on “Why no posts kiwitravelwriter?”

  1. Hello Kiwi,
    After read about your injury feel so sad but you do not think about your fracture. you take rest continued and I hope you feel well soon !! Take care of you properly. I will waiting for your new blog on traveling .You are a really good writer on travel.
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