#Follow me for new photos from Mongolia, Malaysian Borneo, and Penang

It’s only one week until I leave on my next big adventure to Mongolia and Malaysian Borneo! (and the mainland too) I have written a short blog about Mongolia, (see here) a country I’ve never been to, and I plan on posting a photo a day on my kiwi travel writer Instagram and Facebook pages – so #follow me. My blogs will follow once I return to New Zealand after my 5 weeks exploring.

While I have been to many parts of Malaysian Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak) and I’m looking forward to revisiting the Rainforest World Music Festival and Bako National Park, I also expect to discover new things in Kuching – including the fishing village of Kampong Buntal – and which is very close to where I’m staying at Damai Beach Resort during the festival. So, watch this space!

I’m of course hoping to see orangutans, proboscis monkeys, wild pigs, and possibly a crocodile or two. My must-eat food list is too long – and once again I’m hopeful my bathroom scales do not show a huge upward number when I return home. Malaysia has such wonderful food and Malaysians are all foodies, and who will always entice you to try this and that and yet another thing.

I’m spending about five days in Penang, which is considered the food capital of Malaysia, and as it’s been a long time since I was there I’m wondering if some of my favourite places will still exist. Feel free to give me advice about your favourites in the comments at the end of this blog.

In Sabah, the northern region of Malaysian Borneo, I will be snorkelling in new areas -Mabul island, and also Gaya island where I will visit the Marine eco-research Centre. Another new place will be the Sabah Tea garden after a short hike and Kinabalu Park – one of Malaysia’s world heritage sites.

Check out blogs I have already written about Malaysia (use the search button on this blog site) and make sure you follow me for five weeks of daily photos – as many of you will know, Malaysia is my favourite Asian country – and who knows, Mongolia – which is a blank canvas for me – could end up on my favourites list too.

Hope I get to see Richie again – he’s a big boy!
Heather helps plant mangroves


The kiwitravelwriter, arrives on Talang-Taland Island, Sarawak,  photo by Gustino – Sarawak Tourism Board
A fisherman uses a net on Batang Ai, Sabah. Malaysian Borneo


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  1. Looking forward to your Mongolia posts Heather – though, like you, I think I’d find Malaysia (especially Borneo) hard to beat!. Ecuador came close though this year! While I’ve been to Kinabalu Park (where a climb of Gunung Kinabalu is still on the cards sometime!), and Bako I haven’t been to Gaya or Mabul Island. Perhaps another time.This year after the RWMF it will be Maliau Basin and Sukau in Sabah for me. I’m visiting Penang too, but sadly only for two nights. Food suggestions? Apart from the street food. My Own Cafe, 2 Lebuh Cannon (opp Khoo Kongsi) for laksa and the touristy Red Garden for the atmosphere and a variety of food. For a change, and if you like great coffee and cake, try China House, 153, Lebuh Pantai. There is now a China House in Kuching too, in the Old Courthouse. Something different in Penang? The amazing Art and Garden by Fuan Wong (on the not often visited East Coast) and the little fishing village nearby at Teluk Bahang.

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