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A reminder from Mumbai railway station


Diwali festival – Wellington, New Zealand 2012

Let the festival begin

Unedited photos from this afternoon , includes a young  dance group from Ahmedabad ( where the longest dance festival in the world is being celebrated right now РNavratri )

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Kingfisher, Kerala, India

photos of kingfisher in India

I took this photo in Ernakulm, Kerala, India

Happy birthday Mahatma Ghandiji – 143 today

Gandhi’s birthday, 2nd October. ( born Gujarat, India. 1869).¬† Bronze statue, Wellington, NZ

About a year ago I was surprised to see a bronze statue of Mahatma Ghandiji outside the Wellington Railway Station – however it seems it was gifted to the city in 2007 by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations on behalf of the Indian people.

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Today about 60 or 70 people gathered at this statute to celebrate the Mahatma’s birthday: he was born in Gujarat, India. Enjoy these photos I took.



Wellington’s Mayor and the Mexican Ambassador were there[slideshow]









Cat & dog share saucer of milk

Cat and dog share meal of milk in Ahmedabad, India

Todays photo . . . cute black-faced monkey

Monkey in Gujarat

People of India: just some of the reasons I love the country

Local lads in Maheswar


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