Heather Hapeta

. . .  loves to travel, write, and take photos. This passion is reflected in her destination stories, personal essays, articles, columns, photos and blogs.

She’s a 5th-generation Kiwi, of Scottish, Irish, Cornish, and English descent (all arriving in NZ between 1862 -1873) who specialises in writing about her backyard – New Zealand – as well as her world-wide travels.

All her pieces are about places she’s been, things she done – and, her photos are not manipulated

“I feel so alive when I’m travelling” Heather says. She particularly loves South East Asia and says,

travelling alone, means I’ve discovered the world is full of wonderful people and places“.

Her insatiable curiosity and spontaneity ensures that even when she’s feeling overwhelmed by new experiences and struggling with language barriers, she tries to stay calm on the outside even while huge unknown fears fly around inside.

Heather has travelled in over 40 countries and has had well in excess of 400 articles published in various magazines and newspapers including: Morning Calm (Korean Air’s in-flight magazine), Sydney Morning Herald, Australia & New Zealand (UK travel magazine), South China Morning Post, as well as in New Zealand newspapers and publications such as the prestigious NZ Listener and Four Corners website.

Tutoring in travel writing, Heather is also a popular speaker with her talks having names such as Conversations with a Passionate Nomad or Running Away from Home, as well as about specific events or countries.

Other Writing 

Two of her short stories were selected for anthologies. ‘Up North’ in Home: new short short stories by New Zealand Writers (Random) in 2005, ‘Memories from the Cradle of my Ancestors’ features in Land very fertile, Banks Peninsula in poetry and prose (CUP 2008). Banks Peninsula is the nearly French settlement on New Zealand’s South Island’s east coast.

Her poems have been published in the Christchurch Press – a coveted placing as only one poem is selected weekly.

Heather has had a colourful life, has reinvented herself a few times and has worked in, nursing, real estate, modelling; has been a waitress on a Malaysian beach, an alcohol and drug counsellor, and even managed a cattle farm for three months. She was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a widow with two children who inherited her wanderlust.

Her book Naked in Budapest: travels with a passionate nomad  tells the story of running away from home at fifty – travelling solo for a year, with no plans.

More travels are planned when funds permit: DONATIONS and INVITATIONS are welcomed 🙂

In summary, Heather is a writer who loves to travel and now lives in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington.

As well as her travel pieces, she has written a small book about the suicide of her youngest child, Gregory. Written in two parts, the second half helps grieving people cope and survive such a death and has tips for friends and professionals.

Click here for an e-copy. Her latest book is about eco issues, green travel and Borneo.

All her books are available on Amazon

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