Naked in Budapest

Comments from readers

  • It was a damn good read
  • Keep on writing, girl. You’re the best. So much of your big heart and wisdom shine through.
  • Congratulations on creating such a stimulating and rewarding life for yourself
  • You really made me feel like I had been there experiencing it all with you
  • So pleased you put your email address at the beginning of your book. I loved your sort of po-faced description of your affair in Cairo
  • Ata Marie Heather. Thank you for writing as you did, from the heart – sad, witty, reflective,
  • Suffering serious withdrawals after finishing Naked in Budapest, I have not enjoyed a book so much for yonks.
  • Fantastic book, can’t wait for the next installment.
  • I can really “see” you in those places and situations. I like that you have the narrative moving along. .
  • I started reading and it gripped me straight away didn’t want to put it down.


4 thoughts on “Naked in Budapest”

  1. I love Heather’s writing! She streams right from the heart onto the page and leaves me laughing and crying in one sitting. Her experiences are those most of us only dream of. Keep writing, Heather!!


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