Cycling in KL … spinning your wheels by night or day!


I’ve taken bike rides in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand – some as a day tour, mostly just hiring or borrowing a bike and doing my own thing. this is one I’d like to do too.

Night cycling around Kuala Lumpur is being promoted by the council to encourage visitors and residents to explore this captivating city. In January, Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib led more than 300 cyclists on a 5.4km route along closed public roads around KL to give them a taste of what they could enjoy under their own steam.

Starting and ending at Merdeka Square, the 45-minute night ride showcased some of the city’s attractions such as the Perdana Botanical Park, KL Bird Park, the National Mosque, Merdeka Square and a number of other monuments and museums.

The night ride follows the launch of “Kuala Lumpur by Cycle” in February last year and KL’s first Car-Free Day recently. Under the programme, a 6km stretch of city roads will be closed to traffic for two hours on the first Sunday of every month. A cycling track on roads along the Gombak River is also planned.

“This is a very imaginative idea,” says Zalina Ahmad, director of Tourism Malaysia in New Zealand. “Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around and this will give people the opportunity to explore KL at night, without the bustling crowds the city attracts during the day. Cycling is one of the best ways to get to know a city and fewer cars on the roads is better for everyone.”

And, of course, you can do it all again in the daylight for a totally different but no less magical experience!

Malaysia Airlines’ introduction of daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland in March will make it even easier to get to Malaysia and start exploring.

For information about visiting Malaysia go to and do a search in my Malaysia category on the this blog page for many more stories about the country.

Cycling in Christchurch New Zealand? Use the buses too!

Cycle trip on Phuket. Thailand

thanks for this information by Spokes

All buses on “bikes on buses” routes should now be fitted with racks.  You can find information about all the routes or  Contact METRO at 366 8855 or metroinfo [at] ecan [dot] govt [dot] nz if you need information about the routes.

The bike racks are convenient and easy to use, and its free to take your bike on them.  The main way to encourage their use (and build support for cycling and for adding racks to other routes) will be through people seeing bikes being transported and thinking “I could use that”.  So, locals, give them them a go – remember when you are using them, you are also advertising them!

did you know the bike was invented in Scotland?

If you live on or near a route that goes your way, try using them for all or part of your trip, or on the way back home. Remember also that for routes travelling along Colombo Street and not entering the Exchange (Nos. *11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 28, 77, 90*) you can leave your bike on the bus through the centre of town, and load or unload your bike at the Colombo St Exchange stops. This means that people travelling to and from Lyttelton (for example) can now catch or get off the 28 in the centre of town, rather than one stop before and after.

Bikes on buses are also great “range extenders”.  You can travel by several different routes (e.g. Nos. *11, 14, 15, 18, 21*) all the way from the NW and West up onto the Port Hills – a great option if you don’t want to cycle all the way across town. Continue reading “Cycling in Christchurch New Zealand? Use the buses too!”

go ride a bike – in thailand

Last week I was riding a bicycle in Thailand ….. I’m now in the process of writing a story about it – well more about me and how unfit I am, and how hot the day was: keep your eye out for it in a newspaper or magazine.

Part of the cycle trip on Phuket in Thailand
Part of the cycle trip on Phuket in Thailand

In the meantime, thought I would tell you about Spice Tours.

I did their Bangkok bike trip ( 35k) a couple of years ago and can recommend them: and right now they have 10% off all trips  starting after 31st March and includes all of 2010 (they have cycle trips all over Asia —  from hours to days long — so if that sounds like something you would fancy, have a look at the website. (and start practising .. not just little rides around a flat city like I live in!)

Check here for information about cycling in Thailand  in particular.

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