Mista: from under a bridge to apartment living

Mista, (March 2008 – November 2014) was born under a bridge in Kaiapoi (near Christchurch, NZ). Cats Protection League  took his mother and siblings in, and it was from there that I adopted him. You can see why he was registered as ‘chocolate’ in colour.

He was pretty wild and fearful when, at about 5 weeks old,  I took him to live in my 3rd floor inner-city Christchurch apartment – on quiet street.

In 2010 the quakes scared him, and when he was about two and half,  we moved to Wellington – a couple of months after the 7.1 quake – but not because of it.

We drove up the South Island’s picturesque east coast  then got the Interislander ferry. Mista was fine for all the trip,  just sat on the seat beside me, and we moved into another inner city apartment: two months later a new apartment began to be built beside us.

Mista continues: “Mum and I had huge adrenaline surges with the pile driving … we thought it was another quake!  We got used to it.  Our new apartment has more things and people to watch and  from four levels high, I became the neighborhood-watch-cat in the funky cuba quarter of New Zealand’s capital city. Although Mum traveled more than I thought she should, I’ve had a some great women come and look after me.”

Darn my travel writing mum is off again
Darn my travel writing mum is off again

Mista died unexpectedly and very quickly on Friday 7th November and has 3 ti kouka trees to mark his grave.

As a Christchurch writer said of  Mista my on Facebook page, “From under a bridge to the life of Riley”. Yes indeed  – I even imported a kitty toilet training seat for him to learn to use the people toilet.

Thanks for the great company Mista.

I am a cute cat–my name is Mista

I have lots of enrichments like this dogs tennis ball … but mostly I really just like to sit on my humans knee – especially when she’s writing. I have taught her to use  the keys on her laptop even when I’m sitting on her arms .. she’s a fast learner!


As inner city apartment cat, Mista has a very good view, day and night.

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