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Tiki Tane plays at CubaDupa festival

Tiki Tane  has been on the New Zealand music scene for years. It was great to see and hear him at my streets CubaDupa festival recently. Here’s some music from his wide repertoire


And a few photos from the day:

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Reynard the fox lurking in Wellington’s CubaDupa lanes

Waiting in the wings

The recent CubaDupa festival – based in Wellington’s  funky Cuba Street – included a wonderful show of “Reynard the Fox” with Orchestra Wellington performing in Hannah’s Courtyard.

Renard is the main character in a literary cycle of many allegorical European fables. Those stories – about Reynard an anthropomorphic red fox and trickster who  deceives other anthropomorphic animals for his own advantage – or tries to avoid retaliations from them.

The core of these stories – written during the Middle Ages by multiple authors – are often seen as parodies of medieval literature such as courtly love stories and satires about political and religious institutions.

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Cuba and jazz

Cuba, the funky quarter of Wellington, NZ, is having a Jazz festival soon.  So the ‘coolest little capital in the world’ ( a title given to Wellington by Lonely Planet) is now going to have the coolest little jazz festival too. Check out the link for dates, artists and venues. (including free street events)

The colours of Cuba St
The colours of Cuba St

Bucket Fountain: Cuba Mall, Wellington

The colourful bucket fountain (by  Burren & Keen 1969) on Cuba Mall, Wellington attracts  young and old – they all stand and stare. It’s quirky fun in a quirky area of downtown Wellington.

I just found out, local tradition says you need to make a wish as  the biggest blue bucket empties! And, I’ve captured that moment for you … so if you can’t get here to my ‘backyard’ make a wish with my photo!