Magical Malaysia – top diving and fishing spots.

The only place I have ever scuba dived was on Pulau Perhentian (off the coast near Kota Bharu) and I was not surprised last night when it was described as having ‘breathtaking beauty and superb underwater attractions”. I’ve stayed on both Besar and Kecil islands and know even snorkelling right off the beach is magical with great corals and fish to see: I’ve even seen a sea snake and turtles as well as experiencing a late monsoon storm which was exhilarating!

perhentians 2
Pulau Besar


At the event, for Visit Malaysia 2014, at the Crab Shack on Wellington’s wonderful waterfront was to introduce kiwis to the fishing and diving in Malaysia. I also heard briefly about a Shoe Festival that I need to know more about!

But back to Malaysia’s diverse fishing experiences. (Appears they have lots of fishing comps too)

It seems Malaysia has world-class game (sea) fishing as well as freshwater fishing in both lakes and rivers.  The freshwater catch include things like ‘giant snakehead’ which can be ferocious and fearless, and a catfish which is seems can swallow a monkey for dinner!

The deep-sea fishing includes the Black Marlin which they encourage people to catch and release. There’s also blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, various snappers and trevallies, and one called a Whoo which is reputed to be the fastest fish in the sea.

Sounds like for you fishers that there’s something for you all. As for me I’ll just frequent the fish markets and eat there – try the stalls at Kota Kinabalu where you pick your fish and they’ll cook it for you – yum yum yummy!

Talking about food … the food at the Crab Shack was fabulous too.

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