Sailing and stupid, dangerous things

Dutch owned/ registered boat: sailing in the Med' - in France

this photos was taken when I was sailing with a guy I met – on a bus in Thailand – and with whom, maybe a couple of years later, I  sailed for  a week with. (out of Marseilles, France) But, the stupidest thing I ever did was when sailing on a French yacht (Hatty) on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

See the photos and read more here

Dangerous things I’ve done …

Living on a large island surround by the Pacific Ocean I have sailed a little. As a child my family always had a boat, starting with a dingy in which I learnt to row on the Akaroa Harbour and the Avon River.

Later we had a boat with an in-board motor and in my early teens was often able to use the boat to go down the Styx river, over a lagoon, then across the Waimakariri River, near the mouth, to a camping ground where we would buy an ice cream then return back to our holiday camping site. A journey which I’m sure no parent would allow their child do today!

Given that background it’s not surprising that of the four in my family, 3 of us had yacht — I am the odd one out! However I have sailed on their yachts, and in recent years have sailed on a Dutch yacht in the Mediterranean for a week and best of all, 6-weeks sailing from Brisbane to Cairns – through the Great Barrier Reef – on Hatty, a French yatch.And during which time I did two dangerous things (of the many stupid and dangerous things I’ve done in my life) Read the story, and see the photographic proof!

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