To celebrate travel – my ebooks are on sale ($us1.5)

I will be on holiday in July so thought I’d give my readers a wee treat too.

Therefore, my books (e-books only) are on sale for $US1.50 each. 

1st July until 27th July 2017

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(Note these are only on sale via these links and please use the codes)

1 Surviving Suicide: a mother’s story.

The code is: KX57U. Here’s a direct hyperlink to buy Surviving Suicide:

2 Naked in Budapest – travels with a passionate nomad.

The code is: TQ99S – Your direct hyperlink to buy Naked in Budapest:

3 A Love Letter to Malaysian Borneo: Or, Can this travel writer be green?.

The code is: AW96S. And finally, a direct hyperlink to buy Love Letter: