Open top double-decker resumes Christchurch tours

Hassle-frees open top double-decker has resumed  its Christchurch tours and sue sign that the city is certainly taking its place in the New Zealand tourism scene again.

It’s  New Zealand’s only open top double-decker bus tour  and is popular.

Another of Hassle-frees buses

Mark and Nikki Gilbert, who together run Hassle-free Tours, brought the distinctive 1964 Routemaster bus to Christchurch last year and it, along with a closed top double-decker, has proved a big hit with visitors to the city.

Lonely Planet, in its just released Best in Travel guide (which places Christchurch at number six in a list of Top 10 Cities for 2013) suggests that Hassle-free Tour’s double decker bus tours are one of the best ways for visitors to explore Christchurch.

The company now has five-purpose built vehicles to take passengers around the Canterbury high country and three double-decker buses and expects to carry 17,500 passengers this year.

The road to success though has not been easy. Immediately after the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the company’s visitor numbers plummeted by 80%, but the company took quick action to continue operating and keep staff.

They introduced the double-decker bus tours of Christchurch and started offering charter tours. Hassle-free Tours also developed new tours from Akaroa for the cruise market and targeted the domestic market with special offers and promotions.

“The earthquakes forced us to re-think our business but we were determined to continue offering visitors to the region a high-quality experience and we are thrilled that we have managed to do that. Christchurch has a very interesting story to tell and we’re committed to being part of the story-telling,’’ Mr Gilbert says.

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