Te Araroa: the long pathway allows you to hike the length of New Zealand

Te Araroa means The Long Pathway – and its 3000 kilometres (1850+ miles) link one end of New Zealand with the other and takes some 5 0r 6 million steps to complete.

The trail starts here at Cape Reinga, Northland.
Tanera Park, Wellington


All over the world there are many long walks, what makes this one different is that it doesn’t merely traverse one geographic feature but covers all the variety of terrain of one country: coastline to forests; from river valleys to mountain passes, from lakes to volcanoes!  It even passes through Tanera Park, and beside my allotment, here in our capital city, Wellington.  


So, if you plan on walking all or some of the trail you could do no better that use the book by Geoff Chapple, published by Random House, Te Araroa: a walking guide to New Zealand’s long trail.


Shearwater Lodge named in “top ten eco-lodges”

Shearwater Lodge, Kaikoura, New Zealand, has been  named in a UK magazine (Australia & New Zealand) as one of two New Zealand “top ten eco-lodges” in their Jan/Feb 2011 issue.  (Stonefly Lodge, Nelson, also in NZ’s South Island is the other one but I havent been there so can’t comment on it.)

I went hiking to the classy lodge a while ago and can, like the Australia & and Zealand magazine, well recommend it.

This area is home to the endangered Hutton’s Shearwaters which burrow below the peak of Te Ao Wheke, (The World of the Gods) the second highest mountain peak in the area. The birds only fly home at night and leave first thing each morning, spending their days at sea feeding on small fish and krill. (see more about my hike here)

Congratulations for the accolade!

YAY - down one more valley then up to Shearwater Lodge
Shearwater Lodge is now in our sight

Kiwitravelwriter goes hiking in the Seaward Kaikoura Mountains

NOTE 2011 update:  the FIRST Hutton’s Shearwater Farewell is on the 3rd April at 7.00 am on the  Kaikoura peninsula

A small collection of photos of my time in the NZ Southern Alps (November 2009) hiking with the unique Kaikoura Wilderness Walks,  and the fabulous Shearwater Lodge.

This is just a little taster — watch for stories, blogs and articles of my time in these mountains. See more here too



we spend time watching and listening to kea





























































































sunrise from the lodge

YAY - down one more valley then up to Shearwater Lodge

native clematis

Looking up to the endangered shearwater colony high in the mountains

women: stand up and take control of your bathroom needs

stand up take control shewee webTo pee or not to pee: that is often the question when you are out sailing, skiing or hiking and it’s too cold, too awkward, or too immodest to drop your trousers/pants.

Men have been always able to do this but for us women its always been a problem. At a sports show recently I was introduced to the Shewee – a device which enables women to pass urine standing up – fully clothed! (” a portable urinating device for women” the box says.

“Try it in the shower first” I was recommended and that was a helpful tip – not that there were problems but that it meant when I used it on a hiking trail it knew exactly what to do. It works! No cold rear end; no prickles in the derrière; and, no holding up the group while clothing was removed then pulled back up.

A SHEWEE in its' pretty pink pack
A SHEWEE in its' pretty pink pack

Coming in its own carry case, and with an extension pipe to improve directional flow, this is the ideal gift for the women traveller, skier, and hiker. I can see many women wanting to use it in Asian squat toilets as no squat required!So, when you just ‘have to go’ you can!

Q. Is this something you would use?

Please tell us some of your desperate-to-pee, ‘should have had a Shewee’  stories

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